Scribblenauts General/ Voice actors needed

2013-04-26 10:45:45 by Scott-Falco

Hey all! I got my new toon out, it's about Scribblenauts this time around!
You can view it right over here!

I had a lot of fun making this, tried a new style which was a fun experiment but I think
I'll stick to pure frame by frame from now on instead of mixing tweens and FBF

So catching anyone who cares up with what's been going on with me.
Had roommate drama, solved. Girl trouble, solved. And now! My animation
is starting to kick off!

Starting next month I will be animating some of the videos for the LORE channel on youtube!
I'm also going to be doing a few projects for TGS and Yogscast I believe.

Here is the youtube video detailing what voices I need:

I need a lot of voices for Dark Souls General 2, some are just one liners though.
Anyways! A full list of characters will be on my youtube video later today with details

In the meantime go check out Scribblenauts General!

Scribblenauts General/ Voice actors needed


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2013-04-26 11:58:54

Sounds sweet. I'd like to volunteer for the VA jobs. If you could message me something I could record for auditioning, I would really appreciate it.

Scott-Falco responds:

Just updated with the youtube video that has the details for auditions


2013-04-26 12:26:51

This does sound interesting, I would be happy to voice in your upcoming projects even if it is for one line lol

Scott-Falco responds:

Go ahead and check out the video and choose some people to audition for!


2013-04-26 14:07:48

Oh damn, I would flippin' love to give my voice to you :D. And so also I could improve it, I guess. And even so for your future animations :P


2013-04-26 14:10:37

That undead dragon looks funny to do a quick thing for.


2013-04-26 14:10:39

That undead dragon looks funny to do a quick thing for.


2013-04-26 17:16:08

I'd be happy to help if you'd need it!

Scott-Falco responds:

Sure man! I got a list of characters on the youtube video if ya wanna try out for one


2013-04-26 20:08:37

Oohoo. You can definitely count me in, brother.

Scott-Falco responds:

Lovely! by the by are you still on board for voicing for Story of the Soul? Cause like I mentioned im redoing the script, and im also gonna do shorts with the characters


2013-04-26 20:21:48

VVVWouldn't have it any other way.VVV

Scott-Falco responds:



2013-04-26 22:30:22

Well done on Scribblenauts. I, too, prefer your fbf stuff over this style, but it wasn't bad. I'll see what I can do about the voice acting.


2013-04-28 20:26:18

Just sent through my auditions!
Thanking you! :)


2013-05-03 17:53:07

Sent mine in just the other day.


2013-05-10 23:29:52

Hey man, I thought that whistling song in your Scribblenauts flash. May I have a link to the song?
Thank you.