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It's been awhile, but I finally finished my next animation!
Meet Sig and Tessa!


This was such an endevor but I feel like it paid off,

it was so much more work than any other animation I had ever done.
I tried so many new things, added so many more frames than usual.

I really wanted my OCs to stand out and seem alive.

Outside of that I've just been doing freelance here and there alongside random part time jobs.
Alongside the release I rebooted my patreon to have it focused SOLELY on Sig and Tessa related stuff.

SO I guess it's essentially a monthly kickstarter? I dunno. Point is, it's not for me to do random art, or random toons.

It's for Sig and Tessa/Story of the soul.

Basically, this is what I wanna do with animation, I wanna tell their story, I wanna be original, and I wanna have fun.
But of course that's hard cuz OC doesn't generate as much ad money, which is already hard enough to make a living off of. So if you like the series, consider donating!

On top of that! I'll be attending MAGFest next week!
I hope to meet a bunch of animators there, so if you're going, be sure to send me a message so we can meet up!


Hey Newgrounds! (Pico day schtuff at the bottom)

I managed to finish my next installment of Sig and Tessa if you didn't catch it!
It was supposed to be out like a month ago, but life gets in the way all too often.

I'm really getting excited with how Sig and Tessa is picking up, with both quality and following, it means so much when I can do original work and have it be well recieved!

In terms of the future of the series, if you didn't know, Sig and Tessa is a headliner for a bigger series called "Story of the Soul" which takes place in the same universe and still follows Sig and Tessa, but it gets more into the background of the two as well as their involvement with the orginization Dawn and their battles against the syndicate Dusk.

Ultimately, Sig and Tessa (the short series) is planned on having 10 shorts (each around 2 minutes each)

These shorts will just be quirky happenings, a few battles, and the next episode is a "meet the cast"-esque episode.

After these shorts I'll begin production on SotS which will have episodes ranging from 10-20 minutes.

Needless to say it will be a few months in between episodes rather than every other month like S&T.

I am still looking for people to help with both S&T as well as SotS when I get to that.
The main things I would need would be coloring/shading people, and background artists.
In terms of voice acting, I hold auditions generally when I need a voice, or I get someone that I know.


That being said, as mentioned in the recent episode. I am attending Pico day 2015!
I could not be more excited, I have never had the chance to really meet other animators. Just awkwardly creep on them and regret it a day later as I panic and wonder if they know I'm joking or if I'm legit viewed as a creep coughcoughterminalmontagecoughcough

I'll be staying at the Best Western near Fort washington which from what I've understood, is where most out of townies are staying. I'll be there in Philly from Friday the 24th (Around 2pm) to Monday the 27th! (Leaving at 10pm)

I'm not sure if anyone else is, but I plan on bringing my Wii U along with Super Smash Bros. As well as my 3ds with Smash and Monster Hunter 4. I would LOVE to just chill with people, play video games, and have a drink (assuming you're old enough)

In person, I'm pretty anxious/shy so forgive me if I stutter or just stand around awkwardly. I'll be doing my best to do shots to take the edge off. Or yknow, just doing my best to have charisma/self esteem

If you're attending Pico day and ya wanna hang out, be it in a group, at Pico day itself, or the sensual 1 on 1, shoot me a message, comment, tweet, whatever!

My twitter is right here, tumblr here, and facebook fanpage right over here

I look insanely forward to meeting you all!

New Majora's Mask animation!

2015-02-16 12:42:42 by Scott-Falco

Hey everyone! SO I had a bit of a secret project the past month.
I was making a fan trailer for the release of Majora's Mask 3d.

I wanted to get the animation out in time for the release, but I got assigned a ton of shifts last minute for Valentine's weekend. It sucked, but I made decent money. 

This is some of my heaviest work, I spent a lot of time compositing it, shading, coloring, errythang.
The backgrounds have a bit more detail than normal and I was having fun with overlays.

This isn't like my other cartoons in the sense that this is kind dark and emotional
(Which is what I view Majora's Mask as anyways)

I always wanted to do a tribute for Majora's Mask, but never felt another parody would do it justice after how much the game affected me.

Anyways, you can view it here on newgrounds or you can view it in better quality on youtube

I hope you enjoy!

If you're curious about how it was made/any production tips you might wanna check out my tumblr or my twitter later!


New series/I'm back!

2014-12-17 16:58:41 by Scott-Falco

So it's been awhile since I've really been to Newgrounds!
But as of the past few months I am now diving head on into animation again and I'll be uploading a new cartoon once a month! Most of these cartoons however are gonna be for my new mini-series "Sig and Tessa"

The goal is, I'll upload a short once a month, and build up a following for the duo.
But ultimately, I plan on starting a series with these two characters that will actually have like 10-15 minute episodes down the line (As well as a plot instead of just random adventures)

I update pretty often on my tumblr ( so if you wanna stay in the loop either check that out, or my twitter ( which I'm starting to use more often!

At the moment I'm content on voice actors though I will be casting some for further episodes.
I do however always need help with backgrounds coloring or in betweens if anyones interested!

And if you're feeling generous, I also started a patreon!

I'm not really gonna be doing video game parodies anymore. I've kind of, gotten over that,

I might do like a short one on a game I really like, but nothing on par with Dark Souls General or even Scribblenauts General.

Hope you like Sig and Tessa, and it's great to be back and animating again!



Scribblenauts General/ Voice actors needed

2013-04-26 10:45:45 by Scott-Falco

Hey all! I got my new toon out, it's about Scribblenauts this time around!
You can view it right over here!

I had a lot of fun making this, tried a new style which was a fun experiment but I think
I'll stick to pure frame by frame from now on instead of mixing tweens and FBF

So catching anyone who cares up with what's been going on with me.
Had roommate drama, solved. Girl trouble, solved. And now! My animation
is starting to kick off!

Starting next month I will be animating some of the videos for the LORE channel on youtube!
I'm also going to be doing a few projects for TGS and Yogscast I believe.

Here is the youtube video detailing what voices I need:

I need a lot of voices for Dark Souls General 2, some are just one liners though.
Anyways! A full list of characters will be on my youtube video later today with details

In the meantime go check out Scribblenauts General!

Scribblenauts General/ Voice actors needed

A valentine's day short!

2013-02-15 17:00:49 by Scott-Falco

It's a smidge late, I uploaded it to youtube last night,
but I submitted a new collection of shorts to Newgrounds
called Bringing you bullshit 2 which can be viewed here!

It's just some shorts I put on youtube but I didn't wanna submit separately to Newgrounds on account
of them being only about 20 seconds each, and I know NG viewers like a LITTLE bit of length to their

So I like to wait until I have 3 or 4 to put em up here, because I like having all my work on all my sites.

Anyways, at the end of the video it mentions I finished the script to Dark Souls General 2.
I hope to have a video up on youtube/tumblr soon about casting for that.

I'll make a post here as well, I am aiming to make DSG2 about 7 minutes long.
Actually have some length to one of my cartoons for once haha

In the meantime please enjoy the shorts!
Hope you all had a lovely valentine's!

A valentine's day short!

Megaman animation!

2012-12-22 19:47:10 by Scott-Falco

I guess you could say it is in celebration of his 25th birthday.
But in all honesty, I made the cartoon simply because I love Megaman
and I wanted to do more work with Megaman.

The cartoon can be viewed right ovah here

I did have a lot of fun making this. I got distracted a bunch but it was nice to pump out a longer toon.
And on youtube, I still pumped out shorts once a month since I submitted them seperately

As for upcoming projects, I am gonna start working on Dark Souls General 2.
I started writing the script, and I will need help in terms of voice actors and colorists and whatnot.
Story of the soul is kind of taking a break, because with my partnership on youtube.
I need to submit X amount of content each month or it dissolves.

It's still being made, just on the backburner.

Anyways please don't send me any reels or demos yet in terms of voice acting.
When I start looking I'll post a video on youtube.

In the meantime please enjoy robot masters!
Show the blue bomber some love!

Megaman animation!

League animation/ Help wanted

2012-07-28 15:56:12 by Scott-Falco

Hey all! Not sure if you saw or not but last night I threw out a new animation!

It's based on League of Legends. Yup, I find it fun
Me and my friends play all the time and I really want to include them
in my animations so they can enjoy my cartoons more and share in
the fun of making them.

So we put together this skit real quick. You can view it here

As for other projects. I am currently working on Story of the Soul, if you don't know about that,
you can find out about it here

But, I am still practicing and as said, I am having fun making shorts with my friends.
I'm trying to put in some more quality now too instead of just shorts for fun.

Like with this recent league flash, I did a lot more frames, more detailed backgrounds,
and I even did shading for the first time in forever.

But yeah, I'm looking to just get a group of people together.
To just kind of have a circle of voice actors, coloring people, shaders,
and just animator friends in general.

Trying to branch out into the animator community.

So yeah, if you're good at any of those things, post a comment here,
send me a message, whatevers, and I'll try and get back to you.

If you've sent me something and I didn't respond, please re-send it.
I've been a bit frantic lately with checking stuff haha

Also I got a facebook fan page thingy now: Pow

League animation/ Help wanted

Okay so, how exactly does the the whole "Under judgement" phase of submitting an animation work now?
I submitted a cartoon yesterday around 4-5pm I believe, and it didn't get OUT of judgement until about 2-4am.

Is it based off of the votes? Is it based off of the views? Or does it really just take like 12 hours to judge now?
Because I recall in the past, I had like an hour of judgement after submitting, and then the cartoon showed up
in the "Recently submitted" portion.

I dunno, I'd just like to know so I can better plan submissions.

Anywhos. Story of the Soul IS underway. However as mentioned in that preview.
It's not all I'm working on. I still plan on doing little shorts in the meantime cuz they
make me giggle and keep me sane*

But yes, new animation can be viewed here

I made this mostly because I want my friends to start voicing/being in my cartoons more

No idea when SoTS will be done, it is quite nice having an animation crew though.

New short/ How does "under judgement" work now?

So I made a new cartoon, which can be viewed here

I have been in a bit of a funk lately. I recently moved which was a stress,
and I recently got a new computer which has been awesome, but annoying
in the sense I have lost most of my stuff and have to remake/reinstall certain

Girlfriend and I split up which was a drag too, and I have been so busy with work
and school I just haven't had enough time or energy to buckle down and animate.

But I threw this together when once again, I saw a minecraft cartoon with the same
few jokes get praised. Yeah, I'm prolly a hypocrite since my work isn't exactly fresh and
exciting, but it was enough to get back into animation and also try out my coloring team.

Anyways, I will be making more stuff soon now that I have everything set up and also have a team

Sorry about the y'know, dying and stuff

Been in a funk, but a new cartoon